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Business Fit HR software packages to help you manage your employee data efficiently

Breathe HR is a dynamic and innovative software company which provides a flexible, cloud-based HR system to support all aspects of HR and employee data management within your organisation.

It offers all the tools and the functionality a growing business needs to manage its people efficiently. It is easy to implement, intuitive and highly regarded by both directors and employees alike. Keeping all HR information in one central place and automating all the time-consuming HR administration tasks, it allows you to access all your employee information at anytime and anywhere.

Breathe HR features allow you to:

  • Easily manage your employee information e.g. records, absence, documents
  • Run reports and Excel exports to spot trends
  • Work on any browser or device so you can get data wherever you are
  • Share HR information with your managers
  • Allow your employees easy access to their information and requests

The success of your company is about managing employees rather than paper and documents. Breathe HR provides you with a system that does just that. It is easy to use, employee-friendly and offers extensive support in the form of videos, product updates and a client support centre. Visit to find out more about the software and the various pricing plans available.