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Knowledgeable and experienced recruitment support to get the right person into your business

Attracting, recruiting and retaining the best talent is essential to business success. Recruitment is, however, time-consuming and is not always done well – it is often considered a burden! Great recruitment is not simply about whether someone can do a job. It also involves identifying someone with the right attitude and motivation – someone who will fit well into your business and have a positive impact on productivity. Good aptitude and a great attitude will give your business altitude!

Add HR has many years of experience in managing recruitment projects across a wide cross-section of industry areas and will ensure that the best possible talent is identified, assessed and selected for your business.

Add HR’s checklist for a great recruitment process involves:

  • Person and job specifications including key result areas
  • A relevant recruitment strategy to meet your budget and business needs
  • Applicant management
  • Experienced interviewing
  • Managing the job offer process and documentation along with good induction and on-boarding and of course, reference checking