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Restructuring and redundancy experience and knowledge that meets your business needs with professionalism and sensitivity

A restructuring programme involving redundancies is one of the most difficult challenges a business can face. It poses operational changes, complicated employment legislation and damage to reputation. If handled poorly, it can result in costly legal and employment tribunal fees. It can also lower the morale and productivity of your employees.

Add HR will help you handle your restructuring professionally and sensitively to ensure that your business

  • Is fully compliant with employment law
  • Maintains the loyalty and commitment of those employees who remain with the business
  • Maintains its reputation as a caring employer
  • Provides the best opportunity for those leaving the business to move on and find new employment by incorporating Add HR’s outplacement support

Our experience in helping organisations restructure…

By working with dynamic, entrepreneurial organisations, Add HR has gained significant practical experience of handling restructuring and redundancy programmes. You can therefore rely on us for knowledgeable, reliable support for all aspects of this area including:

  • All communication involved in restructuring
  • All necessary documentation
  • The handling of redundancy consultation meetings
  • All necessary advice on relevant employment law requirements
  • The development of compromise agreements