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Whatever your line of business, Add HR can help with all aspects of your HR requirements

Add HR has helped a wide range of companies to implement HR best practices and solve a variety of HR challenges. Read more in the following selection of case studies and check back regularly for new additions.

A Reading-based specialist training consultancy providing services to both public and private sectors. This consultancy does not have an in-house HR function, so when they wanted to hire a new member of staff, they evaluated options for external support for this crucial appointment. They turned to Theresa Marks because of her vast experience in recruitment and practical, no-nonsense approach.

End-to-end recruitment services make it plain sailing for the client

Add HR provided the following services:

  • Developed an appropriate recruitment strategy, candidate profile and job specification
  • Drafted the recruitment advertisement and placed it on relevant online sites
  • Assessed all applications, including managing candidate communication at all stages
  • Developed structured interview questions based on appropriate competencies
  • Arranged and undertook first interviews, and produced a shortlist including full interview assessments and recommendations
  • Arranged second interviews with the participation of the client
  • Maintained appropriate records of reasons for rejection or failure to be shortlisted
  • Managed the candidate database so that suitable candidates could be tracked and returned to if required
  • Managed the job offer from the preparation through to acceptance and finalisation of start date.
A small consultancy serving blue-chip clients identified that their core business activities followed a cyclic pattern. This presented a problem because the consultancy’s staff was employed on a full-time basis, which led to substantial amounts of downtime during the troughs in the cycle. The consultancy realised that business performance would be improved by adopting more flexible work patterns. With little in-house knowledge in the complex area of restructuring projects, the consultancy decided to call upon the services of Add HR.

Sensitive restructuring treating everyone with dignity

The client realised they needed a planned redundancy project to ensure the continued long term success of the business. Add HR swiftly assessed the situation and then structured and expedited an efficient yet comprehensive redundancy programme. Although this was obviously a stressful project for the consultancy, Add HR focused on delivering a programme that treated everyone fairly and sensitively – both the employees that were at risk and those that were not affected.

Inspiring Interns is a graduate recruitment consultancy. We are a growing business and thus decided to go into a formal appraisal process with our staff. As our management team had limited experience in doing this, we required some training and coaching. Theresa put forward the solution of a Learn at Lunch workshop. She delivered a practical and interactive workshop that covered the key topics for a successful appraisal process and also general tips for managing and communicating more effectively with our staff. The workshop fitted with our Inspiring ethos and importantly, Theresa didn’t overload us with HR jargon. We also appreciated the ongoing support that was offered to us after the workshop. On behalf of the team I just wanted to say thank you again Theresa for the workshop. There was a lot of food for thought and I am sure that it will positively influence our appraisal process.