Performance Management and remote working challenges managers may face now that staff have returned to work following the coronavirus pandemic

It has been almost 18 months since the country went into the first national lockdown due to Covid-19. Even with several variants still out there, the Government have announced it’s time to get back to work and try to resume some sort of normality. However, we appreciate it is not that simple for many business [...]

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Getting Staff back into Work

As the roadmap out of lockdown progresses in the UK, companies are exploring ways to ensure that as they get back to normal, everyone remains safe and secure. The how and when of staff returning to work must be considered in line with government regulations, as well as business and personnel needs. This is an [...]

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Statutory Payments 2017 PDF

Statutory payments can be confusing to work out, so we've created a handy table that you can refer to. Click below to download a PDF! Statutory Payments 2017

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Workplace Pension Auto-Enrolment Factsheet

By now many smaller employers will have received their staging date for the Workplace Pension Auto Enrolment scheme but are still unclear as to where their responsibility lies. For more information on the Auto Enrolment scheme, and some FAQs, click below to check out a useful factsheet PDF. Factsheet

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Thinking of employing an Apprentice in your business? This useful fact sheet covers several topics that are important to consider, including Contracts, Agreements and Rights. Click here to download the PDF

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Health & Safety induction training checklist

Ensuring you provide proper Health & Safety training is not only vital to businesses, it's an employer's first and foremost responsibility to their employees. With that in mind, here's a handy basic Health & Safety training checklist that you can include as part of your induction training for new staff. Click the link below to [...]

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Quick HR Bites! – Employment Law Updates October 2014

Equal Pay Audits From 1st October employment tribunals will have the power to order certain employers to conduct equal pay audits where they are found to be in breach of equal pay provisions.There are some exemptions – for example if the employer has been audited in the past three previous years, if the business is [...]

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